Wemo Insight Smart Plug 2-pack

Brand: WeMo

Color: Insight Smart Plug 2-Pack


  • Control WeMo From anywhere. Plug in a WeMo Insight smart plug, download the WeMo app, and control your lights and appliances right from your phone or voice using Alexa and Google assistant.
  • Works with voice. WeMo pairs with Alexa and Google assistant so you can control your home with the power of your voice.
  • Monitor energy costs right from your phone or tablet. WeMo Insight provides real-time reports on how much energy your space heater is consuming.
  • With the ability to randomize your lights, WeMo Insight protects your home better than a mechanical timer. When you use the WeMo app to activate "away Mode, " the smart plug will turn plugged-in lights on and off randomly to make it appear like you're home - even when you're not.

Publisher: WeMo

Details: With the WeMo Insight Wi-Fi smart plug, you can monitor energy consumption right from your phone or tablet. This smart plug provides real-time reports on how much energy your devices are consuming. Use the smart plug to monitor how much a space heater is costing you, or how much energy A particular room consumes.


Release Date: 07-01-2018

Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.9 x 2.8 inches


Wemo Insight

Supports up to 15 amps for high power appliances

With support for up to 15 amps, the Wemo Insight works with even the most demanding appliances. Use it with window and wall AC units, space heaters, fans, and a wide variety of other high power gadgets and appliances.

*UL Certificate #20140805-E362327, UL Product Spec, 2015

Wemo Insight WiFi Smart Plug

Wemo Insight WiFi Smart Plug



Wemo Insight

Supports high power appliances



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