[w/Herbal Bags] BuWiz Wireless Knee Massager Heated Vibration Moxa Therapy Knee Brace Wrap Knee Physiotherapy Massager for Pain Relief,Arthritis Injury Recovery,Powered by 2 Portable Chargers (1 Pair)

Brand: BuWiz


  • Can Work Together with a Variety of Herbal Bags - Massage knee braces are designed a net pocket in knee wrap, can put the drug pack what you want to cure,for example, the mugwort herbal bag, painkiller herb, link arthritis herbal bag, etc.The attached wormwood is wild and original. Wormwood has the functions of strengthening blood circulation, eliminating dampness and cold
  • Heating and Vibrating Massage Helps Reduce Knee Pain and Discomfort - Knee brace wrap provide 3 Heating levels and 3 Vibrating levels on your certain knee area, for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery. a ideal gift for your family and friends
  • Powered by 2 Portable Chargers - Comes with 2pcs 6000mAh power banks, can work for the knee brace warp about 4-8 hours after full charge. can move about while the soothing heat relieves aches and pains.Press and hold the switch for power on, then press and adjust the gears, then press and hold the switch for power off
  • High Quality Fast Heating Material - Knee massager are made of upgrade SBP OK fabric, 3MM warm material, can keep the heat not lost ,easy to heat fast, and durable ,no harm to the human body.Adjustable Velcro for any age. The form and little rubber grips on the skin-side of the brace help it to stay in place even after hours of hiking. It won’t slip down as you walk
  • Can Be Washed Directly - First unplug the power banks, set it aside, and then wash the wrap on gentle by machine or hand, and then lay it flat to dry

Publisher: BuWiz

Details: How to wear: 1) Please relax your knee. 2) Put your preferred herbal bag in the inter layer. 3) Slowly tighten and fasten all the velcro straps starting with the lowest one first, then the middle and finally the top strap. 4) Don't make it too tight. Ensure that you can slide two fingers under your support belt. 5) Walk for a few minutes to assess your comfort. 6) Long press the button for power on. 7) Press the button for the selection of your desired temperature and vibration intensity. Note: 1.For best results, use this device 1 to 2 times per day for 30 minutes each time. 2.This device is only used for knee. Specification Smart Li-ion Battery Pack Voltage: 7.4v/6000mAh Input: 8.4V1.5A Power: 15W Package include: 2 x Knee Braces 1 x AC Adapter 2 x Smarty Li-ion battery Pack 2 x Moxa Bag

Package Dimensions: 13.2 x 9.7 x 3.0 inches

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