Oral-b Pro 5000 Smartseries Electric Toothbrush With Bluetooth Connectivity

The most advanced brush has “smart” features that guide you to brush more thoroughly and gently, just the way your dental professional recommends. Handle indicates when smart guide is connected. The wireless smart guide gives you a mode indicator and real time feedback on where to brush, how long you need to brush and if you apply too much pressure. Benefits: Pressure indicator on the back of the handle lights up when brushing too hard Battery indicator prompts when to recharge handle Battery lasts up to 10 days when brushing 2 minutes twice a day Use with your favorite Oral-B refill to achieve benefits you are looking for floss action, sensitive and 3d white How to Use: Wet brush head and apply toothpaste You can choose between Professional or 2-Minute timer and Count up or Count down timer Your toothbrush automatically starts in the Daily Clean mode, you can switch to different brushing modes deep clean, sensitive whitening and massage modes Please refer to the instruction manual for detailed information

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