HairMax LaserBand 82 (FDA Cleared) Laser Hair Growth - Hair Loss Treatments. 82 Medical Grade Laser Stimulates Hair Growth, Reverse Thinning, Promote New Hair Growth.

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Brand: HairMax


  • STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH & REVERSES THINNING HAIR: The LaserBand 82 hair regrowth treatment for women and men delivers therapeutic light energy to stimulate hair follicles, reverse thinning, increase density & fullness, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and regrow hair. HairMax hair laser growth devices are proven to regrow hair with an average increase in hair count of 129 additional new hairs per sq. inch!
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: Unlike other hair loss treatments that use LEDs with lasers, HairMax only uses medical-grade lasers. The LaserBand 82 features 82 medical-grade lasers for a total of 246 laser coverage when moved over the scalp in 3 sections. Doctors worldwide recommend HairMax laser devices to treat Androgenetic alopecia – which includes Hereditary Hair Loss, Male and Female pattern hair loss, menopause related hair loss, age related hair loss & thinning.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN & FAST TREATMENT TIME: The LaserBand 82 features a band design for full scalp coverage and patented hair parting teeth design to deliver therapeutic light energy. Our unique hair parting teeth design allows the maximum amount of light energy to reach your scalp and stimulate hair follicles. HairMax LaserBand 82 also has the fastest treatment time for any laser hair growth device. Use as little as 90 seconds 3 times weekly to stimulate hair follicles.
  • PORTABLE, CORDLESS & LIGHTWEIGHT: The LaserBand 82 is lightweight, comfortable, portable, and convenient for home use or while traveling. No heavy battery packs to carry around. Comes with a rechargeable battery and power cord.
  • TRUST HAIRMAX: HairMax is a pioneer in laser hair growth, bringing laser light devices for home use to men and women around the world. HairMax is validated by 8 FDA clearances, 7 clinical studies, 14 international medical device licenses, and 6 published medical journals. Since 2000, 1.7 million devices have been sold worldwide. The original HairMax laser device was featured as Time Magazine’s Invention of the year and has been positively reported on by nearly every media outlet since.

Publisher: HAIRMAX

Details: Product Description The Fastest Laser Treatment for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair – As little as 90 seconds, 3 days a week. The HairMax LaserBand 82 is an FDA Cleared, home use hair growth laser medical device. It delivers therapeutic light energy directly to your hair follicles through 82 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). The unique curved design incorporates patented hair parting teeth to part your hair during treatment to maximum laser light delivery to your follicles. The hair parting teeth, the laser light intensity and laser light density work in unison to provide a highly effective hair loss treatment. Without hair parting teeth, the hair can block a majority of the laser light energy from reaching the follicles. The LaserBand is lightweight, comfortable, portable and convenient for home use or while traveling. No heavy battery packs to carry around and the scalp does not heat up or become uncomfortable as it can from helmet devices. Designed by Iconic Italian Firm Pininfarina. What is included? Included with the LaserBand 82 is: (1) device, (2) power adapter, (3) power cord, (4) Rechargeable Battery, (5) user manual, (6) quick start guide. How it Works? HairMax laser devices work through the process of Photo Biostimulation, using safe, nourishing light energy to your hair follicles to activate them for stronger growth. This boost of laser light revitalizes and enlivens hair follicles to stimulate growth factors, reverse the thinning process and can help extend and restore your hair’s natural hair growth cycle. Thin, weakened and lifeless hair starts to grow in thicker, denser and fuller. Clinical Studies: HairMax has conducted more studies on light energy for hair growth than any other company to date. HairMax laser devices have been proven effective in 7 clinical studies at top medical research centers in the U.S. HairMax laser devices are the ONLY devices on the market with clinical study results published in 6 peer review medical journals. FDA Clearances: HairMax laser devices have been granted 7 FDA Clearances and hold 14 medical device licenses world-wide. About the Brand: HairMax is the pioneer of at-home laser hair growth technology and is the global leader in the field, bringing doctor recommended laser light hair growth treatments to hair loss sufferers around the world. We’ve earned that recognition by developing clinically proven hair growth laser devices that help treat hair loss and provide breakthrough hair growth benefits. Brand Story HairMax is the leader in laser hair growth. From roots to ends, we care for your thinning hair with clinically proven laser hair growth devices & thinning hair solutions to treat hair loss & grow fuller, denser, healthier hair.

Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.5 x 5.1 inches

HairMax LaserBand 82 (FDA Cleared) Laser Hair Growth - Hair Loss Treatments. 82 Medical Grade Laser Stimulates Hair Growth, Reverse Thinning, Promote New Hair Growth.
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