Fat Loss Machine for Body Sliming EMS Burn Fat Device Portable Weight Loose Machine Red Light Body Shaping Massager for Stomach Belly Arm Waterproof Rechargeable Skin Renewal Beauty Instrument

Brand: Todd Copper


  • Waterproof multifunctional body shaping machine consists 5-in-1 of EMS, R/F, sonic, vibration and L-E-D red light. IPX7 Waterproof design and simple operation, no need spending a lot to go to beauty salons. Help you to reshape your body and make your sliming dream come true.
  • EMS sliming massager - EMS massaging is used to activate the skin, help to massage your muscles, relax body. With micro-current massage, against stubborn grease, especially thicker parts of the fat, such as the waist, hips, thighs, calves and so on, and then achieve the effect of burning stubborn fat.
  • R/F Skin Tightening Machine - Give your skin WARM massage, restore skin elasticity and improve the absorption rate of nutrients in skin care products.
  • L-E-D Red Light - With a wavelength of 622±5nm, energy red light device can stimulate skin activity and speed up circulation, which can reduce and remove wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Sonic & Vibration Beauty Device - Through sonic and vibration can speed up absorbing the gels or serum, which can accelerate body regeneration and circulation.

Publisher: Todd Copper

Details: ❤Our EMS burn fat device can help you to get rid of the trouble of stubborn fat of body. Only takes 10-20 minutes, Say goodbye to your obese belly, arm or thigh, regain your charming body. ❤Waterproof skin care device can be used with gels or other skin care products in bathroom. After using, you can take a bath directly and no worried body shaping massager will damage. Best choice of bathroom use. Who is perfect for this multifunctional fat remove machine? ▶Office ladies or whose who need to sit over 8 hours and less exercise. ▶The new mothers of just giving birth the babies. ▶Those who want to keep sliming and body shaping. Some suggestions for you to use the multifunctional skin care device. ✔If you want to shaping the slim body, you can choose Sonic + EMS mode. ✔If you want to lift and firm your skin, you can choose Sonic + R/F mode. ✔L-E-D red light can combine with other modes, you can choose according your need. How to use the fat remover massager? ♠ 1. After bathing, apply sliming cream / oil on the required thin parts (waist, thighs, arms etc) and spread evenly. ( Our fat remove massager is waterproof. It is convenient for you to place and use in the bathroom.) ♠ 2. Press ON/OFF button, select the appropriate mode, energy massage head touch the skin to work ♠ 3. Hold the handle tightly, uniform press massaging the required thin parts from down to up with circle way, repeat 2-3 times ♠ 4. After using, please clean the massager head with soft cloth or wet wipes in time ♠ 5. Placed the machine in dry ventilated place Package contains 1*5-in-1 Skin Care Machine, 1*English Manual, 1*USB Charging Line

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 5.9 x 4.3 inches

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