Face Lifting Machine 5 IN 1 Anti Aging Skin Care Tightening Device,Facial Firming Eye Massager for Dry/Oily/Sensitive Skin Moistruizer Mask Fast Absorbed.

Brand: Eagou Diary

Color: white


  • 1.❤Please apply gel or lotion make skin moisture.This device has really helped improve your skin and to absorb your favorite skin products.5IN1 Beauty Device for anti wrinkles/fine lines/aging,firming skin,lifting face,tightening skin,fade acne/spot for dry skin,oily skin contronl,sensitive skin repair.
  • 2.❤Please insist using for a long-term.It will improve your skin condition.R-Frequency can helps to improve the relaxed skin condition in a fast way, make you younger with smoother skin.Apply with face mask/tightening serum/face moisturizer,you will see the good result.
  • 4.❤6 Mode of color photon meet your different skin requirements.The best anti aging skin products without any harm.
  • 5.❤Easy control and carry: You can take it out for working/tripping/outdoors.USB charging and small to carry. The best gift for your lovers/friends/parents/classmates/roomates.Including men and women.

Publisher: Eagou Diary

Details: 1. Five In One Multifunctional Skin Care Beauty Device Improve various skin problems, soften wrinkle, restore skin elasticity Shrink pores, deep cleanse, whitening and nourish Promote deep permeation and absorption for nutrient solution 2.Six Light Modes Fullfill Different Skin Problems Green light: Fade dark spots or discolored skin by working to reduce spots and pigmentation, improve the overall skin color Yellow light:Brighten the skin, fit for skin with dark spots and dull areas Pink flash light: Used to help the permeation and absorption of beauty essence Red light: For removal wrinkle, enhance the reborn of collagen and skin elasticity Blue light: Remove acne, oily skin control, make skin more good Pink Light: Used to whiten the skin, fit for skin 3. Best Usage of Friming Beauty Device ①. Full charging the device for 3 hours before first use ②. Thoroughly clean the skin, apply the essence or cream ③. When using, first press the "Power" button, the current intensity is set to level 1 by default. (The R-Frequency and Firming function are automatically activated after start up, only need to select the intensity what you need and the type of light) ④.Strength selection: the first press "Power", the intensity level 1; The second press "Power", the strength of the intensity level 2; And so on. Press the sixth time to power off the device ⑤. Pull the device on the skin-like movement, from bottom to top, from the inside out. 4. Package 1 x Skin Tightening Machine 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual 1 x Charging Wire 5. Warm Tips ①.Each mode is intelligently timed for 10 minutes, and the period is automatically stopped ②.Recommend to use it for 15-20 minutes one time; 2-3 times /week

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.3 x 3.7 inches

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